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Author: Jerome Bringas representing my son Kristoffer Mike

My son spotted an LCD TV with a price tag of Php 5,999.00 from their website and he bought the item April 15, 2012 paying with his PayPal to which their system accepted the payment. He followed up the next day on his purchase and the customer support told him that they are processing the item, and again followed up on the third day April 17 and customer support of LAZADA said the will be shipped tomorrow which should be the 18th of April. The next day my son was surprised to get a phone call from an unknown cellphone number saying he was a rep from LAZADA and that they wish to inform him that the item was already "SOLD OUT"!

My son disputed and argued them about the item for 1) Their website had posted the item and 2) They have accepted the payment made on the item and 3) Only after 3 days and after telling him that it was for shipping, then suddenly the item was sold out! Anyway the worst is yet to come. After my son decided not to pursue the item from them, he then demanded for LAZADA to return/refund his payment made through PayPal. Again, another one of those "I think you're stupid and you don't know how Paypal works" was the answer given to my kid; and they told him that it would take SEVEN DAYS for them to process the refund! These people don't know that in the business we're in and I mean me and my kid, we use PayPal on a daily basis and doing a refund wouldn't take much more than a "MINUTE" and I mean not even "60 Seconds" of their life to initiate and make the REFUND! Wait...there's more to come.

My kid called them again and told them it was unrealistic for them to tell us that it will take SEVEN days to do the refund, and that the fault was not on our end but rather their's. Again the customer support told him that it will take them a couple of days to issue the refund; but again my son told them that it's still unacceptable that it will take that long and telling them that we know how PayPal works and everything, even if you're in SLOW MOTION, it still wouldn't take you an hour to issue the refund. After so much apologizing and talking...the customer support informed us that the refund was made and done and gave us a transaction number of the supposedly refund...and also gave us a voucher code worth Php 500.00 for the inconvenience! Again we checked and still the refund has not been issued! He again called customer support, it was a different person on the line this time, and demanded his refund and they again issued Another Transaction Number that was supposedly the refund made in PayPal, he even told us to disregard the previous number that they gave. And the following day as we checked, there was still no refund in my son's PayPal. My God we know how PayPal works and if you really issued the refund, theres no need for you to be sending us the transaction number since it will be sent automatically by PayPal to our email. We already know they were lying because of the two different transaction numbers and that there wasn't any notification sent to our email from PayPal that LAZADA had refunded our money. We already brought the issue to PayPal since your are blaming PayPal for the delay and they replied there wasn't any refund issued! These people from LAZADA are schemey and liars and they wont give you a direct and honest answer.

customer.lazada commented on 04 May 2012, 11:41:28
Hi everyone,
this is Mattia from Lazada Customer Service.
This issue was succesfully resolved, please refer to this link in order to read the customer's reply.
Thank you very much and hope to see you on our website, where you'll be able to live the best online experience worldwide !!
Mattia - Lazada Philippines



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