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Mountain Area Communications

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Author: Cheyanne

I took a Survey on the top of a Walmart receipt, online. It doesn't say on the receipt that there would be strings attached. So 1 week later I received a phone call from this number 423-317-0572 which was from Tennessee people saying I won a 250.00 Walmart card, now they started saying stuff about magazines like that they would mail me some with my Walmart card, anyways they said there wouldn't be a fee until a few days after I got the package they were sending to me, the address they have is my Boy friends cause i knew I would be staying there for a few days so its 664 South 300 West Salt lake city, Utah 840101. Any ways they said " You have to cancel the subscription with the number that's in the package so that you wont be charged." So this lady says one more thing we need you to answer a few questions from what was said of the magazines, she was talking fast and was confusing me, she said I had to do these questions in order for the package to be mailed to me. I answered the questions and was still confused. after the recording she says " Remember Cheyanne you can cancel at any time". so I hung up after the questions that were recorded. So a few days or so later I go to Subway to get lunch and the teller says to me your card is declined, so I pay for my food. I called my bank that day to see what was going on. I was told there was a $49.90 fee for magazines in my line of credit. I never agreed to anything they asked. So I called the Tennessee people up told them what was up. They gave me this number 866-767-0383. I called the magazine people they told me you can not cancel the subscription cause its been paid by the company and i have to pay 49.90 for 3 years, the guy on the phone says he lowered it to 24.00 a month. I do not have extra money, I refuse to pay them. I talked to my Uncle he says to call the bank to see what they can do. I called my bank again I told the bank teller my story and she said I can fill out a stop payment paper and a fraud charge paper. So I went to my bank and did that. So I called my Dad and told him my story and he said to give him there number. I did he called them up and said " Ethier you people can deal with me or the attorney general" The manager or supervisor there was this rude lady she told my dad that I had to call them back and give them permission for my father to talk to them. So I called that women was on the phone after I told her I give my dad permission and his name and such. She asks me "So what seems to be the problem Cheyanne?" all nice then I was gonna say " I want to cancel my subscription but you people wont do it and I wanted my dad to speak with you to clear this up since he knows more than me." She blows up on me being rude and yelling loudly saying " YOUR FATHER NEEDS TO STOP MAKEING THREATS AND IF YOU CAN'T PAY FOR THE FEE THAN YOU SHOULD BE TAKEING SURVAYS THEN HUH!" I answered calmly that "I didn't know I was gonna be scammed and have to pay a fee and not be able to cancel." I cant remember what else she said but it was rude and mean. I called my dad he talked to her one more time. Nothing got settled so my parents are gonna see what they can do like talk to Walmart Corparate, call the BBB, and such. I have called you guys talked to an investigator but didn't have as much info as I do now. Please help me out. I will be calling people and more but I did write Walmart Corp. a week ago. I thought I could trust Walmart but I guess not.They used my bank card with out permission and also said I wouldnt be billed what a lie. Also I am mailing with this a few links to web sites where people have been scammed by these people and more. Also I will be mailing you a bank statement for last month on the fee I was charged as well as the papers I was sent that took longer to get to me than they said - 3 weeks to get to me not 3 to 5 buisness days.

kadkins24 commented on 09 Mar 2012, 08:04:57
they told me the same thing but it was a phone call i got. and they said i had won a $1000 grocery shopping spree. I think my bank can put a claim against them.



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