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Destiny Research Center

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Author: Maria Duval

I have shown my 87 year old aunt numerous amounts of internet complaints against Maria Duval and against all of the people associated with this rip-off organization. She still tries to sneak money out to Maria Duval (or whoever she is)in the amount of $45.00 for personal readings to wealth, etc! WTF! She calls her her psychic! She's a devout Roman Catholic woman and I cannot understand why I can't get it through her head that she's being taken time and time again!

kristi commented on 16 Mar 2012, 23:56:01
my 76 year old grandmother died on march 2nd this month. i recieved a letter from so called "maria duval" today march 16 saying my grama would recieve great amounts of money on april 25th if she sent her 45.00 .. come to find my grandmother has an intire desk drawer of letters from "maria duval" and has sent her almost a 1,000.00 dollers in the last 8months i hope some one stops this scam artist. it makes me so sick to know this is happening to elderly people giving them false hope of nothing to come and robbing them unknowingly



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