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Author: xara matsagou

She says she can change your life. She was wrong I tried this site dozens of times it doesn't work at all! I would appreciate it if you would shut the site down.

nefertiti31 commented on 12 May 2014, 21:51:49
I have been on the website dozens of time it doesn't work none of the spells work I think it's a scam they should shut the website down.

Bullshit commented on 20 Nov 2014, 12:27:01
This website called is sooo fucking pathetic. I tried her spells once and almost all the fricking time I try it it never works! Like how the fuck does it work for these fucking people on the Internet who post these goddamn testimonials work for them and not me as we'll as a few people that don't work for them???? Her site is absolute fucking bs. Instead,Xara fucked up my spells they backfired failed and messed me up. and she didnt even bother to correct it Like wtf is her goddamn problem?!?!?She's not nice her spells don't work and all her spells are a complete waste of time I also asked for hair growth spells and she didn't make it work.. And also she can't even make me lose weight either. Fuck Xara!!! Wtf kind of name is Xara anyway must be a fake ass name for a fake ass bitch who can't seem to cast any spells for some people that she thinks dont deserve it. She can't do shit. Why can't her goddamn website just fucking shut down already??? Fuck Xara!!!!

Maria commented on 20 Nov 2014, 12:43:25 is absolute fucking bullshit every time I go on that goddamned website my spells never works. Xara sucks balls. Her site better close down soon. Second she needs to get a real goddamn job so she can stop casting spells cause the ones I tried messed me up. if it fucking works for these other fuck ass people then why not me?? It's so stupid.



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